Player Oban
Class Cleric 10
Title Patriarch
Alignment Chaotic
Special Spells, Turn Undead
Strength 7
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Dexterity 9
Constitution 13
Charisma 16
Armor Class TBD
Hit Points 43
Noteworthy Possessions
1d6 Arrows +2, potion: control undead, ring of regeneration, Wand of magic detection, Medallion of ESP, 30' range

Aneirin is a 10th level chaotic cleric, and heads an influential but little-noticed cult of the "Mysteries of Fall" in a large kingdom. While his congregation numbers just a few thousand, they include many minor nobles and many of the more influential officials and advisers in the kingdom.

His god is a god of secrecy, confidence games, and corruption of authority in a behind-the-throne sort of way. To become a patriarch in this religion a cleric must set up a secret church-within-a-church, where the bulk of the worshipers and even 1 and 2 level clerics believe they are devoted to a god of -in Aneirin's case - the mysteries of fall. As clerics rise in the ranks, they are initiated in the mysteries and come to realize that the goal of the church is to pull the big con. Those who are unable to accommodate revelation are cursed: the more they try to shout the truth, the more outlandish they will sound to listeners. The god is delighted to perform miracles but they most always turn out to accomplish more than the obvious purpose. Even its closest servants are cautious in any direct supplication: by the time you are a patriarch you are well aware that you are not in, and never will attain, the innermost circle.

Aneirin is charismatic in a quiet way, and appears as a slight, gaunt, older man, who clearly has spent many a year indoors. When seen in public he is most often observed whispering in the ear of someone powerful, giving advice, counsel, and direction. His goals are sometimes his own, sometimes orders from his god. On a daily level Aneirin delights in bribery, bending silly laws, and giving counsel that will aid the recipient while simultaneously helping some other cause. A favorite past-time is cursing an official or tax-collector to frequently mis-read official documents in minor ways. There is no personal ill-will in this and he does not enjoy seeing people suffer - he just values the introduction of chance into everyday life.

Aneirin is physically hardy despite being slight: while not strong of hand, he is tougher than he appears. Given the choice he prefers to confuse, convert, or subvert enemies instead of defeat them through force of arms.

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