Player Thaddeus
Class Fighter
Title Veteran
Alignment Neutral
Languages Common
Strength 13 (+1)
Intelligence 4
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 8 (-1)
Constitution 15 (+1)
Charisma 12
Armor Plate
Weapons Sword, Short Box
Magic Items
318 (Weevil's Revenge)
29 gp
quiver & 20 arrows, pack, hammer, 12 spikes, tinder box, 8 torches skin full of wine, 50' rope, 2 flasks oil


A former member of Lord Stefan's army, trained in the fine arts of soldiering. He is particularly good at waiting for orders, not being cold, standing watch all night long without falling asleep, and pillaging foraging. After several years fighting for Lord Stefan and participating in the overthrow of the Dragon Army, it has occurred to Dijik that he could do better as a mercenary.

Dijik knows he is not smart, but finds if he keeps his mouth shut and follows someone else they generally catch the arrows. He is never first into the breach, but is quite happy to be second. He will stand firm until exactly half his unit runs, then he will run as well. Dijik has taken to heart what he learned as a veteran: never volunteer, always be the guy holding the torch, keep hitting the enemy until you are really sure they are dead, and… that is pretty much what he learned.

Dijik is short, stocky, and moves (disconcertingly) slower than he looks. Those familiar with the insignia and ranks of Lord Stefan's army will recognize scraped-off rank and unit markers from his former job - he was promoted to sergeant three times! He has a bow which he will use if it is obviously called for (or someone tells him to), but he prefers close-in sword work.

Dijik. Human Veteran, neutral. HP:9 AC: 4, Move: 6". 5% bonus to exp. S:13 I:4 W:10 D:8 C:15 Ch:12. Saves 12 13 14 15 16. Thac0 19 (18 with sword, 20 with bow).


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