Greta Skulky
Player skatay
Class Anti-Paladin/Light Fighter 5
Title ???
Alignment Lawful Evil
Special 2 attacks/round, -6 to AC, Move silent: 9+, Hide in Shadows 10+, Prot. from good, turn undead, Cure light wounds 1/day, +2 Saves, Must do Evil, Immune to Disease, Give Disease
Strength 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 19
Dexterity 16 (+2 on "to hit" rolls, initiative; -2 bonus to armor class)
Constitution 16 (+2/ HD)
Charisma 13 —some bonus
Armor Class 3
Hit Points NA/ 5d10 HD (+2/HD)
XP Total 5th lvl + 1900 XP
Hexes Visited 4520, 4419, 4320, 4220, 4121, 4120, 4119, 4019, 4018, 3919
Wealth 328 gps

Saves: 9, 10, 11, 11, 12

Current goals: get Pirate Ring under Greta's control, pay fealty to Overlord. Get away from Ryefield, find malicious allies.

Followers/NPCs met:
Bardagoth: follower, Lvl 1 Ranger: AC 3 14 HPs, currently with family
Slorclean, trader (former employer. Others in troupe: Slorvas (daughter), Megzen (guard leader), Tarkas Taras (Orc trader)
Ulab (Night Hag)-if previous employer reports to Ulab that I am no longer owned, she will ride my soul to Hades.
Durmaven (employer)-has 30 days to break up Pirate ring

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