How we roll

How to Play

Make a character

The person running the game will post his own instructions on this. Some common suggestions might include making a character on our 'new page' tab on the left with whatever rules he has. If you're unfamiliar with making pages, wait until someone else makes one, copy its content onto your page and change all the details so it's your character instead! You can use the stat roller here. Free versions of most rulesets are available online. PM person running the game if you have questions!

Leave some instructions

This is all about priorities. Let's say you're a cleric: do you willingly take the frontline if no one else is in platemail or the fighter falls? Will you make sure items of chaos aren't destroyed? Will you only heal those converted to your faith? All these things are valid. Sometimes it can be as simple as saying "Will be (1st, 2nd, 3rd) to volunteer to do (x)."

On another note, don't make a complicated flow chart of possibilities, the simpler it is for the GM to remember, the more likely he'll be able to apply it for you.

Current Poster is caller

This means that you don't need to discuss stuff with other party members if you don't want to. The GM will try to make sure that you don't contradict other posted instructions by other players. You call the shots when you post, you move the entire story forward. You can wait for others to chat things out with, I just want to make sure you know it's not required.

Export your character!

This is really important for me. I wanted to do this as a minimally active way of gaining experience. I wanted people to be able to use their established characters and hope that the GMs will respect the games and characters made here and let them continue to play them in-person.

How to Run a Game

Pick a ruleset

No one else has to know it, but just know that you have to provide the means of making characters if it's really unfamiliar.

Less is more!

I know you have that 99 level megadungeon that you wanted explored, and Demogorgon and Asmodeus are playing hearts in that hidden sublevel with no rooms connected to it, but I would suggest that a one page dungeon would likely be just fine. I had a party explore 5 rooms in over 100 posts, so I think half a dozen rooms is actually enough, and might be more rewarding for players.

You do a lot of the work

Often you are running the whole combat, for both sides. You can have them roll for you, if you want, but it really multiplies the time it takes to get through it. As an example, I typically only ask for party initiative and some general declaration of intent and roll at least one round of battle (both sides) before posting back, but you do it at whatever pace suits you best.

Don't burn yourself out on this.

If you start thinking of this as work, it's gonna suck. Don't sweat how long it takes you to get back to your game. Try to start something small in scale in the beginning so you can see how much work this can be.

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