Lady Cress

A2 Far Trader, Empress Mavara class

200 tons; Jump-2, 1G
Fuel capacity 50 tons; gas giant fuel scoops
Model I/bis computer
Two hardpoints; two triple turrets; two pulse lasers, one missile rack, one sandcaster

3 crew staterooms; 7 passenger staterooms, 4 low berths
Collapsible fuel tanks
60 tons cargo capacity

Monthly payment: Cr275,729
Monthly expenses: Cr60,714 (crew salaries, life support, maintenance, and berthing fees)
Fuel: Cr5000 per jump (or free from skimming a gas giant)


Captain: Cole Castock
Medic: Lea Rausanjen, a deceptively strong woman from a high-G world

Ship's Locker

Includes the following: Vacc suits (x7), cloth armor (x7), reflec armor (x7), IR goggles (x7), light intensifier goggles (x7), short range communicators (x7), hand computers (x7), gas grenades (x20), mechanical toolset, electronic toolset, medical kit

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