Parcellus Vert
Player Thaddeus
Background Former Scout, 5 terms service
Strength 4
Dexterity 8
Endurance 8
Intelligence D
Education A
Social 4
Age 38
Skills Gun Combat-1, Gunnery-1, Jack-o-T-3, Mechanical-1, Pilot-1, Vehicle-1
Starting Stuff
100,000 Cr, Far Trader-Class the Scout's Pride
Current Credit Balance

Parcellus Vert spent several terms in the x-boat service before transferring into exploration service. There he experienced several difficult missions including being stranded on a low-tech planet, having to secretly visit a planet under interdiction, and spending a year undercover in a complicated scheme to catch pirates. His year mingling with pirates convinced him to depart the service and seek his fortune. The scout service decided to give him a ship: maybe because he had a good record, and maybe because the scout psychs noticed the pirate influence and want Parcellus working with them and not against them…

Parcellus is driven and impatient, a legacy from his early x-boat days when he learned to value speed and turnover above all. His year among pirates taught him that as long as you are going to do the work, you should shoot for a big score. He is loyal to his friends and to former mates from the service, and the loose group of former traders and scouts that make up the Red Box Trading Company he considers family. He is proud he came from nothing, and makes a point of remembering that the scout service educated him and gave him a career. But he also recognizes that he is the only one of the 10 scouts in his induction class to have survived…

His general plan of action is to use his ship to move quickly, transfering small amounts of high-margin cargo, high-paying passengers, information, and to be open to taking unorthodox jobs. If someone else from the Red Box Trading Co. has a high-value cargo he will gladly serve as escort for a percentage.

Given his past experience with pirates he is cautious about taking on passengers and insists that anyone coming on board his ship hand over all weapons. He insists on knowing what his passengers are up to, but will then without comment transport or aid a paying passenger with just about anything other than a plot against the scout service itself, especially the x-boat network (which is obviously the foundation of civilization).

His short term objectives are to outfit the ship with a custom built smuggling space and begin to develop a network of contacts who can funnel him difficult but lucrative contracts.

Parcellus Vert Scout 488DA4 Age 38 5 Terms. Gun Combat-1, Gunnery-1, Jack-o-T-3, Mechanical-1, Pilot-1, Vehicle-1.

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