Player Lord_Bodacious
Class Priest 5
Race Elf
Alignment Chaotic Good
Strength 15 (+1 to hit/damage)
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16 (+2 HP/level, saves v. poison)
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 15 (+1 to saves v. spells, 1 extra spell)
Charisma 10
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 5d4+10
Priest spells (trickery domain), turn undead, low light vision, immune to charms, paralysis, and sleep spells.
Level 1 (4): Change Self, Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary, Detect Magic
Level 2 (3): Invisibility, Speak w/ Animals, Hold Person
Level 3(2): Hallucinatory Terrain, Curse
Noteworthy Possessions
Cloak of feathers, yew staff, knife, harp, satchel, frog cultist disguise
151 GP

General Tactics


Pontoosh is a jovial young elf who inherited his father's position as a priest of Erevan Ilesere, Jester of the Seelie court. This mirthful prankster wanders the land in search of merriment and diversion, bringing joy and causing trouble as he gambols the days away.

The trickster-priests of Erevan Ilesere rarely preach any gospel, relying instead a living the example of their god, and spreading his mirth through a life of hijinx, whimsey, and zany misadventures.

Pontoosh often claims to be a bard, whose tales often thumb their nose at the powerful, be they kings or gods . The holy symbol of Erevan Ilesere is any object that has been stolen in the past week, Pontoosh often crafts his cover story around his latest conquest.

While exploring Tegel manor, Pontoosh was geased with a quest to gather 46,000 gp worth of gems and bring them to the lady of the tower.

XP Tracker


  • Session 1: X + 100

Cookies (100xp each):

  • Hex 4517, 4617, 4518 = 300

TOTAL: 10,000 + X + 400

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