Scichael Mott

Scichael Mott (sky-cull mot)
This halfling's pleasant demeanor quickly strikes most as rather odd, crass, a bit desperate, jarring … though he seems to mean well, he does not long inspire confidence in others. However, he has supreme confidence in himself and his companions and often finds himself in leadership roles. He has the capacity to be selfish and venal in the extreme, never more than when he is toadying up to someone that impresses him. He is resilient in the most bizarre and desperate situations, chiefly because he does not understand them.

o STR: 10
o DEX: 15
o CON: 17
o INT: 3
o WIS: 10
o CHA: 7

Scichael is outfitted with an adventurer's kit, a chainmail shirt (which was often referred to, but never listed), traveling leathers, a stout little sword which he will tediously explain is a wakizashi, a sack of cheesy fried puffs, last year's suit, a few random toys, a sling with which he is quite skilled, and pewter mug engraved "World's Best Party Leader" which he bought himself.

(After the Beckoning Map adventure, Scichael finds himself compelled to go shopping! He procures a shiny steel mirror in which to admire his tiny countenance, along with a lantern and five flasks of oil so that he always has enough light to see himself by. Lastly, he procures a silver dagger on account of it being shiny.) Only then does he realize that he must have been possessed by some insidious shopping demon! Carrying the hideously flammable oil of this dimension is a fine way to get roasted. Scichael trades the lantern and oil to a poor family for three simple torches. His pack, conscience, and fear-of-burning center thus lightened, he scurries to lead the party to victory.

XP: 343 (Weevil's Revenge) + 467 XP (Hegrash) + 392 XP (The Beckoning Map) = 1202 XP + 60 XP (5% bonus) = 1262 XP
Treasure: 186g

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