Traveller Tramping Rules

GAME RULES: Classic Traveller. I can provide pdfs for anyone interested.

Let's start play in the Trojan Reaches Sector. These sources are the best information your captains have available:

We don't have to stick with anything from the Official Traveller Universe other than the maps and lists of UPPs.
Frex, the canonical Trojan Reaches is half-occupied by the lion-like Aslan and their Hierate. They are super-lame, gaaahh. So where Aslan are indicated, we will in fact find the phascinating phraints. They are sometimes called Aslan, but have nothing whatsoever to do with lions, christ, or 80's japanophillism.
slow-paced simultaneous but not partied group pbp game
a solo game played out publicly and competitively

Let's say all participants are captains with their own ships. To play, generate either a character. You may use Book 1 or the extended chargen in the supplements, or a modified version by me I can send you. Create characters as normal for whatever method, including the possibility of death or disaster and having to start over. If you don't like your character, start over. You must serve at least three terms to qualify for the game, so if you're kicked out early start over.

You have a starship, an Empress Marava class Far Trader with a full tnak of fuel, and 1,000,000 credits cash (a loan which you must pay back at 15% interest in 1 year).

All of you captains are part of the Red Box Trading Company. This is a very loose organization, and you can be rivals, but overall you can expect each other's cooperation and even aid — but not financial support. One of the assumptions of the traveller rules is that information can only move as fast as the ships that carry it. We will ignore this strictly for purposes of knowing what's happening with each other's ships at different worlds, for the magnificent schadenfreude shared glory.

Your goal: get rich, rich, rich! Now though, you are enjoying a celebratory drink or nine with your fellow new captains at the Slouching Beast tavern, in the nether reaches of the Pax Rulin starport on Day 365 of 1106. Tomorrow, you will set to work as the new year begins, Day 1 of 1107.

We'll try it at 2 weeks of game to 1 week of real time: Generally, you'll spend a week in-system making arrangements and a week in hyperspace between systems. So hopefully, by next Monday evening 12/19, we'll have resolved everything about your arrangements in Pax Rulin and your departure to some other system, and you'll have spent the requisite week in hyperspace. Start at the world of Pax Rulin in the Pax Rullin Subsector (C) of the Trojan Reaches:

This area is probably well served by larger lines, so you will want to get a bit further out, perhaps beyond the imperial border, where your small ships may be considered worthy of more significant cargoes.

maybe a player post would be like:
Captain Kulop lifts from Egrevaine on 233-1107, having filed flight plans for a Jump-1 to Mordred in Hex 0306 of Subsector Blind. However, once in the shadow of the system's gas giant, he orders his navigator to replot the course to Carabad in Hex 0104, hoping to throw the Waspwinter pirates off his track. He has bought XX tons of advanced electronics (industrial robot brains) at XX credits/ton for an outlay of XX credits. Expenses in port: XX. His account holds XXX credits. Unless he can unload these brains in Carabad for a good price, he's going to miss his mortage payment and have the skip-tracers on his tail. He will be open to desperate jobs in any case. He will solicit crew, on the downlow, for any rumors of such, and does anyone know where you can get your ID beacon cracked and hacked?

o which a GM could potentially reply simply:

Indicating that there were no special encounters or events of interest along the way and Capt. Kulop's player could roll out the sale of his robot brains by the book.

or the Gm could reply with something much more gamey, in response to the fiction that's already been generated.

whoever dies with a bigger trading fleet wins

any starport on the express-boat lines in the Florian League
the planet Belgard
any starport on the express-boat lines in the Aslan Hierate
the planet Sagan
collectable immediately

please don't bother with invisible castleHere's info on your ships, all Empress Marava class Far Traders.
Make a page for your character and name your ship.
You have 1 million credits and a full fuel tank. You have employees to cover the necessary positions. Your bills are due in a month.
Look at the sector data, pick a world to jump to, buy low with the hope of selling high, take on cargo and passengers. You can roll all this out on your own. I will roll encounters and whatnot once you get going, or if you roll up a patron encounter let me know and I'll look into it.

Otherwise, last one to lift licks vargr balls.

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